According to the material classification profiles radiator species

The profile radiator is one of the two most popular electronic radiators. In many aspects, the profile radiators are widely used. The profile radiator can be divided into four types: steel radiator, aluminum radiator, copper radiator, copper and aluminum composite radiator. The following focus section of the section of the radiator.

steel radiator

Radiator type steel tube type radiator steel tube type radiator steel tube type radiator from the European steel pipe, has a long history, at the end of twentieth Century to enter the Chinese market; appearance, completely change the traditional cast iron radiator rough appearance; radiator thickness, the thickness of only 5 cm, less occupied room space; modelling diversity, satisfy the modern people to pursue individual needs; rich colors, adapt to different color Home Furnishing decoration style; light weight, small water capacity, the use of more environmentally friendly;

The shortcoming is that if the internal anticorrosion process is not adopted, the water leakage of the radiator will occur.

aluminium radiator

The aluminum radiator, the aluminum radiator, the aluminum radiator and the aluminum radiator are sold on the market in China. Most of them are extruded aluminum profiles and welded radiator. The strength of the welding point of the products produced by some manufacturers can not be guaranteed. It is easy to cause problems and cause water leakage. In addition, the aluminum radiator is not suitable for alkaline water quality. The reasons are: alkali reaction of aluminum and water, alkaline corrosion, aluminum perforation and leakage of radiator. The aluminum radiator is simple in shape and poor in decoration, and it belongs to low grade radiator.

Compared with steel radiator, because of the difference of raw material and manufacturing process, the aluminum radiator is low in price, fast in heat and light in weight. The disadvantage of aluminum radiator is alkaline corrosion in alkaline water. Therefore, it must be used in acid water (pH value <7), and the pH value of most boilers is more than 7, which is not conducive to the use of aluminum radiator.

Copper radiator

Advantages: high strength copper copper radiator with general metal; at the same time and not easy to crack, not easily broken; and has certain frost heaving and impact resistance; copper is so excellent and stable performance is due to copper in chemical sorting order is very low, only higher than silver, platinum, gold, stable performance that is not easy to corrode. Because of the strong corrosion resistance of the copper tube, no impurities can be dissolved into the water, and the water can be kept clean and sanitary. Therefore, the copper tube heating in the heating system in the building is safe and reliable, and does not even need maintenance and maintenance. Copper tubes and fittings still retain their shape and strength at high temperatures, and they will not have long term aging. Under the conditions of high heat, high pressure, near fire and corrosion, using other fittings, the user is always anxious and afraid of accident. But the use of copper pipe fittings, there is no need to feel alarmed, can be assured. Never corroding, durable, is the top product in the radiator.

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