What are the role of finned heat exchanger fin?

1, can increase the heat exchange area

High quality durable finned heat exchanger using high quality materials to make fin, and ensure that the area of the fin of conform to the requirements of the standard, so the fin in the process of heat transfer, can effectively increase heat exchange area. In addition, the fin heat exchanger can be seen as a barrier of an additional area, at the same time, the fin is much bigger than dampers area, so that the structure compactness of finned heat exchanger.

2, fully improve the efficiency of heat exchange

Because of finned heat exchanger fin structure has a certain uniqueness, in time the finned tube heat transfer fluid can form a severe disturbance, so you can continuous break the boundary layer and regeneration, to reduce thermal resistance, so the finned heat exchanger fin can let the heat exchange efficiency of the whole system get a substantial increase.

3, to strengthen the bearing capacity of the heat exchanger

Fin in the finned heat exchanger in addition to can have a good heat transfer effect, also can have the effect of support strengthened heat exchanger overall, this is due to the unique design of the fin in the compressive ability also has a more outstanding performance, so can effectively strengthen the capacity of finned heat exchanger.

Small make up to introduce these points is finned heat exchanger fin can play a major role, because of the fin heat exchanger in plays an important role

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