Stainless steel air cooler cooling technology have?

Now common cooling technology in China is given priority to with air cooling, this is because the air cooling technology is air cooling is given priority to, need not spend too much energy, and to the environment and so on all have better protective effect, therefore nowadays credibility of reliable stainless steel air cooler cooling has become many enterprises use of important machines. With the application of stainless steel air cooler in the market more widely, professional stainless steel air cooler presented diversified cooling technology. Below small make up for everybody introduction of stainless steel air cooler cooling technology have?

Stainless steel air cooler cooling technology have?

1, the direct air cold technique in mechanical ventilation

The system is also called the ACC system, it refers to the steam turbine exhaust steam, with air to condense directly, the heat exchange between air and steam, the technological process for the steam turbine exhaust steam, through the massive exhaust pipe to outdoor air cooling condenser, stainless steel make the air through the outer surface cooler, air cooler fan will exhaust steam condensation water, condensate then through pump back to the boiler. Its advantages are: don't need among media such as cooling water, the initial temperature difference is big. Less equipment, simple system, covers an area of less, the adjustment of the system is more flexible.

Second, the surface type indirect air cooling technology

Type stainless steel surface air cooler of indirect air cooling system process flow is: the circulating water into the stainless steel surface type air cooler water side through the surface of heat exchange, stainless steel steam turbine exhaust steam of the steam air cooler side, after heated by circulating water pump, sent to the cooling tower of circulating water by air with air cooling radiator heat transfer surface, circulating water to be returned again after air cooling condenser cooling steam turbine exhaust steam, constitute a closed loop. Surface type indirect air cooling system, the condenser and steam turbine type indirect air cooling system by the cooling water do not mix with the steam turbine exhaust steam, heat transfer on the surface, so that we can meet the large capacity unit for high boiler feed water quality requirements. The system and conventional stainless steel air cooler system basic same, the difference is using air cooling tower instead of raw tower, air cooler instead of copper tube condenser of stainless steel.