Stainless steel part of the air cooler have?

(a) bundle

Discipline is the core component of stainless steel air cooler, air horizontal pass in bundle to the cooling tube thermal fluid, so as to achieve the purpose of the heat transfer. Tube bundle are mainly of finned tube, pipe and its framework, is a rigid, independent of the structure, should be designed to remove the air cooler of stainless steel frame. Is the basic composition of prestige and reliable stainless steel air cooler parts, is an independent structure, can be fully into the fabric of the air cooler aspirant outfit, its cost accounts for about 3/5 of the air cooler overall. , the form of the discharge tube bundle can be divided into horizontal, inclined top type and vertical. According to the tube box form, the pipe bundle can be divided into the plug type rectangular box tube bundle, detachable cover plate or detachable cap type tube box of pipe bundle collection tube box of pipe bundle, semicircle tubular box tube bundle. Inclined top type and vertical tube bundle tube has placed in horizontal and inclined vertical two kinds, can be selected according to different requirements.

(2) of finned tube

Finned tube is the core and key parts of stainless steel air cooler, its performance directly affects the performance and development of stainless steel air cooler, in fact it is because of the emergence of finned tube, only to the development of air cooling. In addition to the cooling medium viscosity can be used in a longitudinal finned tube, all stainless steel air cooler in using horizontal finned tube. For finned basic requirements are the following: good heat transfer performance; Good heat resistance performance; Good heat impact; Easy to clean up the dirt; Good resistance to atmospheric corrosion ability; Lower manufacturing cost, etc.

(3) of the fan

Fan plays a key role in strengthening heat transfer, the pros and cons of fan performance measure stainless steel air cooler is an important symbol of good performance. In need of stainless steel air cooler, air volume is very big, but I need the pressure head is not very big, so the air cooler of stainless steel fan with low flow fan axis, is mainly composed of wheel hub and blades of impeller, drive and drive, in addition to solar or lunar halo, defend the net and support. Automatic tuning Angle of the fan and a complicated adjusting device.